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  • ConImmersion adjustable thermostat TC2 - Encased thermostats Immersion thermostat liquid filled operating, SPDT contacts, complete with a waterproof protection pocket. This thermostat, usually fitted to delivery pipes is particularly suitable for automatic adjustement of boilers, pumps and other different applications. Model with capillary is also available. tacts rating  10 (2,5) A/250 V~ 7A/400V~


    Contacts cutoff for temperature raising or switching contacts  
    Fairlead M 20x1,5  
    Max. head temperature: 80°C  
    Max. sensing bulb temperature: 125°C  
    Number of automatic cycles II (100,000)  
    Temperature rate of change    1°K/min.  
    Degree of protection    IP 40  
    Resistance to tracking : PTI 250 (KB 250)  
    Cover colour :orange


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