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    Kullanım Yerleri: Amonyak ve Klor Tesisler,Meyve Presleri,Dolum Tesisleri,Seviye Göstergeleri,Boya Pigment Presleri,Tuzlu Su Pompaları,vb. Çift Diyaframlı PN ± 250 bar

    It is used to see the pressure difference between two different pressure sources.
    Liquid or gas is used in corrosive environments.
    The body and block are stainless AISI 316L.
    Optional Hastelloy C276 or Monel 400 is also produced.
    High Static Pressure is durable.
    The filter can also be used to monitor blockage, flow and liquid level.
    Liquid Filled types can be used in pulsed pressure or vibrating environments.
    Filling Liquid: Glycerine / Silicone Oil
    Body Diameters: Ø100 mm, Ø160 mm
    Pressure Range: 0,6 / 25 bar
    Sensitivity: ± 1,6% (KL 1,6)
    Fluid Temperature: +100 ° C
    Working Pressure: Full Scale Value
    Relevance: EN837 / 1
    Protection Class: IP55 / IP65
    ATEX: Directive 94/9 / EC (Optional)
    Industry Sector: Petrol-chemical lines, mining sector, treatment plants, hydraulic systems


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